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Blog tour: Fiskur

This is my first blog tour for the publishing company Fiery Seas and I hope to that you, my readers, are gonna look forward to see more.

Fiskur by Donna Migliaccio
November7, 2017
The Gemeta Stone Book 2
Fiery Seas Publishing, LLC

With his family's talisman in his possession, Kristan Gemeta is ready to face the Wichelord Daazna – but he has no inkling of the scope of Daazna's power, nor the depths of his hatred.     
With the recovery of his family's protective talisman, Kristan Gemeta has found hope, courage – and perhaps even the first stirrings of love.  With the aid of Heather Demitt, her band of rebels, a shipload of Northern brigands and the legendary Kentavron, he readies himself to face the Wichelord Daazna.  But neither he nor his comrades realize the strength of Daazna's power and hatred.  The Wichelord's first blow comes from a direction Kristan least expects, with horrific, lasting consequences.

Excerpt from FISKUR: Book Two of The Gemeta Stone
Chapter Two

Heather gaped at him. “How can you not hate Daazna?”
Kristan kept his gaze on the ground. “He came to our court when I was about six. He offered himself as an apprentice to Simeon, even though he was too old for the job. He was a strange young man – intense and humorless and yet so hungry to learn. And we treated him very shabbily. Perhaps, in his mind, that gave him reason to strike back at us. Perhaps it’s why I can’t find it in my heart to hate him in return.” He looked at her with something like despair. “Does that make me a fool?”
“No,” Heather said as gently as she could. “Too kind, perhaps, but not a fool.”
He studied her for a few moments in silence, and Heather sat looking back at him, wishing for better words to say.  
“I’ve missed our talks,” he said at last.  
Something seemed to flutter deep within her. The feeling rose from her stomach to her heart to the hollow of her throat, as if a moth were somehow trapped there. “So have I.”
“I feel as if…” He took a deep breath. “As if something is wrong between us. As if I did or said something that made you lose your regard for me. Please tell me what I did so I can apologize. I would like us to be friends again.”
“We are friends,” she murmured.
“But not like before.”
“No. But it’s nothing you’ve done.”
“Then it must be what I am. I know your father disapproves of me, and I can’t blame him.  I’m a threadbare vagabond with no money, no property – with nothing but my name and this Stone around my neck. The name alone is a death sentence, and the Stone is of no use to anyone but me. I know I have nothing to offer you…why are you laughing?”
“I’m not laughing,” Heather said, but she couldn’t help smiling. “You’re right that my father disapproves of you, but you couldn’t be more wrong about the reason.”  

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Macintosh HD:Users:mistywilliams:Desktop:Authors:Donna Migliaccio:Author:2014headshotredtop.jpgAbout the Author:

Donna Migliaccio is a professional stage actress with credits that include Broadway, National Tours and prominent regional theatres.  She is based in the Washington, DC Metro area, where she co-founded Tony award-winning Signature Theatre and is in demand as an entertainer, teacher and public speaker.  Her award-winning short story, "Yaa & The Coffins," was featured in Thinkerbeat's 2015 anthology The Art of Losing.  

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