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Blog tour: Fire's Kiss

Macintosh HD:Users:mistywilliams:Desktop:Authors:Brittany Pate:Cover:FIRES KISS Ebook2.jpgFire’s Kiss
Fiery Seas Publishing
November 21, 2017   
Paranormal Romance Fiction

Embyr tends her tavern while keeping her dangerous parentage a secret, until she's attacked by a hellhound and saved by one of the most feared men in history.

For the last eight hundred years, Ryder McLennon, the infamous leader of Death's Horsemen, has used his army to hunt the vampire who killed his wife. He's earned a reputation as a murderous madman. But in Embyr, he discovers something that could turn the tide of battle in his favor. Her control over fire can reduce an enemy to ash and her flippant disregard of him heats his blood in ways no one else ever has. She's beautiful, powerful and completely different from her violence-loving brethren.

Embyr finds herself thrust into a war she wants no part of, targeted by a vicious vampire because of her cooperation with Ryder. As she learns to wield her demonic powers without letting the madness of her race overcome her, she also has to fight her attraction to a killer bent on her seduction.

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Macintosh HD:Users:mistywilliams:Desktop:Authors:Brittany Pate:Brittany Pate.pngAbout the Author:

Brittany Pate lives in Texas with her husband and son. She is a longtime lover of all things fantasy and romance. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys narrating audio books and drinking entirely too much coffee.

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Blog tour: Fiskur

This is my first blog tour for the publishing company Fiery Seas and I hope to that you, my readers, are gonna look forward to see more.

Fiskur by Donna Migliaccio
November7, 2017
The Gemeta Stone Book 2
Fiery Seas Publishing, LLC

With his family's talisman in his possession, Kristan Gemeta is ready to face the Wichelord Daazna – but he has no inkling of the scope of Daazna's power, nor the depths of his hatred.     
With the recovery of his family's protective talisman, Kristan Gemeta has found hope, courage – and perhaps even the first stirrings of love.  With the aid of Heather Demitt, her band of rebels, a shipload of Northern brigands and the legendary Kentavron, he readies himself to face the Wichelord Daazna.  But neither he nor his comrades realize the strength of Daazna's power and hatred.  The Wichelord's first blow comes from a direction Kristan least expects, with horrific, lasting consequences.

Excerpt from FISKUR: Book Two of The Gemeta Stone
Chapter Two

Heather gaped at him. “How can you not hate Daazna?”
Kristan kept his gaze on the ground. “He came to our court when I was about six. He offered himself as an apprentice to Simeon, even though he was too old for the job. He was a strange young man – intense and humorless and yet so hungry to learn. And we treated him very shabbily. Perhaps, in his mind, that gave him reason to strike back at us. Perhaps it’s why I can’t find it in my heart to hate him in return.” He looked at her with something like despair. “Does that make me a fool?”
“No,” Heather said as gently as she could. “Too kind, perhaps, but not a fool.”
He studied her for a few moments in silence, and Heather sat looking back at him, wishing for better words to say.  
“I’ve missed our talks,” he said at last.  
Something seemed to flutter deep within her. The feeling rose from her stomach to her heart to the hollow of her throat, as if a moth were somehow trapped there. “So have I.”
“I feel as if…” He took a deep breath. “As if something is wrong between us. As if I did or said something that made you lose your regard for me. Please tell me what I did so I can apologize. I would like us to be friends again.”
“We are friends,” she murmured.
“But not like before.”
“No. But it’s nothing you’ve done.”
“Then it must be what I am. I know your father disapproves of me, and I can’t blame him.  I’m a threadbare vagabond with no money, no property – with nothing but my name and this Stone around my neck. The name alone is a death sentence, and the Stone is of no use to anyone but me. I know I have nothing to offer you…why are you laughing?”
“I’m not laughing,” Heather said, but she couldn’t help smiling. “You’re right that my father disapproves of you, but you couldn’t be more wrong about the reason.”  

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Macintosh HD:Users:mistywilliams:Desktop:Authors:Donna Migliaccio:Author:2014headshotredtop.jpgAbout the Author:

Donna Migliaccio is a professional stage actress with credits that include Broadway, National Tours and prominent regional theatres.  She is based in the Washington, DC Metro area, where she co-founded Tony award-winning Signature Theatre and is in demand as an entertainer, teacher and public speaker.  Her award-winning short story, "Yaa & The Coffins," was featured in Thinkerbeat's 2015 anthology The Art of Losing.  

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Book Blitz: Mick & Michelle

Mick & Michelle
Nina Rossing
Published by: Harmony Ink Press
Publication date: October 31st 2017
Genres: Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Young Adult

Fifteen-year-old Mick Mullins has a great life: his parents are sweet, his sister is tolerable, and his friendships are solid. But as summer descends on Queens, he prepares to turn his carefree existence upside down by disclosing a secret he has kept long enough. It’s time to work up the courage to reveal that he is not a boy, but a girl—and that her name is Michelle. Having always been the perfect, good boy, Michelle is terrified that the complicated truth will disappoint, hurt, or push away the people closest to her. She can’t continue hiding for much longer, though, because her body is turning into that of a man’s, and she is desperate to stop the development—desperate enough to consider self-medicating with hormones.
Most of all, Michelle fears that Grandpa, who is in a nursing home after a near fatal stroke, won’t survive the shock if he finds out that his favorite grandchild, and the only boy, is a girl. If she kills her beloved Grandpa by leaving Mick behind, she isn’t sure embracing her real identity will be worth the loss.
As we walk down the street next to each other, it strikes me that the nagging feeling I’ve been having lately is also down to him, because I look too much like my father. I’m the same height as him but skinnier. I adjust my walk so I don’t mirror his familiar swagger. I wish I didn’t have his hair, down to the identical whorl slightly to the right at the back of our heads. His hair is darker than mine, so dark auburn it looks black when wet, but thin and limp, always flyaway, so no good for keeping long. Buzz cut material, and that looks fine enough on him. My hair is quite short by convenience only. I would have liked to have my mother’s hair, which is thick and robust, a haystack in the mornings, and she uses a straightening iron to control it. If I tried that iron on my hair, I think it’d just melt away and disappear.
“How does summer feel so far?” Dad says and waves at Mrs. McAtee, who used to babysit him when he was little. I don’t think Dad has fond memories of her, because she never babysat me or Ash. No one outside the family was ever allowed to babysit us. “Any plans?” he adds after I fail to reply in the three seconds it takes him to grow impatient.
“Deliver papers and go busking,” I say. I was supposed to wait tables at Pepito’s Italian, but they went bust two weeks ago. I haven’t found anything else. The paper route job stopped last week, because I foolishly resigned when I got the gig with Pepito’s. As for busking… well, that’s more of a wild idea than a realistic plan.
“Busking? You only know three songs.”
“Five songs, and people move around, so they won’t catch on to my limited repertoire. Besides, I can always learn a couple more songs.”
“And what will you do if I, or your ma, come and catch you soliciting funds?”
“I can outrun you easily, Dad. The both of you. Rookie Ryan too.”
“Yeah, yeah. Smart-mouth. We have an alternative plan for you this summer. Busking is not a part of it. Tell you over dinner.”
“What? Why not right away? Are you finally paying for Wizarding Summer School now that I’ve grown out of it?”
“Wait and see.”

Author Bio:
Nina Rossing lives in Norway, where the winters are long and the summers short. Despite the brilliant nature surrounding her, she spends more time in front of her computer, or with a book in her hands, than in the great outdoors (though you may find her out on her mountain bike if the weather is good). She works as a high school teacher, which in her opinion is probably the best job in the world.


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Book Blitz: I Knocked Him Out

I Knocked Him Out
Jessica Frances
(Love at First Crime, #2)
Publication date: October 31st 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

She knocked him out, so he knocked down her walls…
He has irritated me ever since we were kids.
He is overprotective.
A complete jerk.
So, I knocked him out.
It was an accident.
I felt terrible … mostly.
It changed things between us.
Life for us both got more complicated.
Add in a stalker who has decided to take an interest in me,
And suddenly our worlds are turned upside-down.
Can things really change between us so fast?
Or are we just making a bigger mess than what we started with?
I think that hit to the head might have knocked things loose for both of us.
Because, from the moment I knocked him out, we saw each other differently.
As some people say, there is nothing quite like love at first … crime.
“You hit me!” he accuses.
“You sneaked up on me!” I snap back.
This is always the way between Declan and me, ever since we were kids. He never speaks to me normally or casually. He’s always angry, aggravated, or annoyed. The three As.
“I was calling your name; you just weren’t paying attention.” He says this like I’m the only person in the world to ever be lost in my thoughts.
“Well then, good call on coming up close to me while I was punching the shit out of this stupid bag,” I retort, already sensing any warm feelings that had started to work their way up from a guilty conscience disappearing.
“God, you’re annoying.” He shakes his head now, wiping his wet face with his T-shirt. My eyes betray me by peeking at Declan’s toned abs.
Stupid, smoking hot jerk.

“Ditto. Now, is there a reason you’re annoying me right now? Or are you just trying to fill your quota for the day and we’re a little behind?” I ask, shaking my head to get myself back in the game. Getting distracted while Declan is in one of these moods just means more insults with me looking like a fish out of water in response.
“I just wanted to tell you that you’re going to be late if you don’t leave soon.”
“Is that all?” I roll my eyes at him, something I’m aware annoys him to extremes. “I do know how to read a clock, you know.”
He narrows his eyes on me. Their blue color might be an exact match for a sunny, blue sky, yet I only ever see storm clouds directed at me.

Author Bio:
Jessica lives in Adelaide, South Australia. When she is not writing, you can find her reading, napping or watching excessive amounts of TV. Connect with her on Facebook and Goodreads.


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Book Blitz: Love, Secrets and Absolution

Love, Secrets and Absolution
K.L. Loveley
Publication date: November 1st 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary

People in the village gossip and say that Grace’s long-awaited son Alfie is “different”. He is a lonely boy with secrets, lies and obsessive thoughts.
How far can a mother’s unconditional love go? Will she ultimately sacrifice her life for his?
Set in Nottinghamshire, England – this gripping psychological drama follows the lives of Grace and her son Alfie, who transforms from a naïve boy to a University student spiralling out of control. A coming-of-age story with a difference.
A family falling apart: deceit, betrayal, teenage angst, love and addiction.

Will anybody find absolution?
As the snowflakes fell, Grace shivered and instinctively stroked her bulging baby bump. Last night’s heavy snowfall was unusual for March and had taken everyone by surprise, including Grace who was ill prepared for the long walk to the doctor’s surgery. Underneath her unbuttoned teal blue Dannimac coat, she wore a hand-knitted cardigan and a velour maternity dress. Her swollen feet were uncomfortable in the brown moccasin boots she had squeezed them into. She sighed out loud. It’s going to be a cold and miserable trek to the baby clinic, she thought.
As soon as Grace stepped into the doctor’s surgery, the warm air hit her and she instantly became relaxed. She notified the receptionist of her presence and sat down on a brown utilitarian chair. As she gazed around the small waiting room she acknowledged the other mums-to-be, all of whom were younger than her. ‘Ayup, Grace, not long now eh, till your baby’s due,’ said a red-haired girl wearing a bright orange maternity dress. Just then, Grace experienced a sharp kick from her baby, she smiled and lovingly stroked her baby bump.
‘Shouldn’t be too long now,’ she replied.
The matronly midwife measured her baby bump to calculate the fundal height, and advised that according to her calculations the due date was today! However, after completing a multitude of other examinations, the midwife declared with some trepidation that Grace wouldn’t be giving birth just yet. ‘Your baby is a stubborn one and definitely nowhere near ready to come. Ain’t got its head engaged yet.’ the midwife chortled. Grace became frustrated, what did the midwife mean by “head not engaged”?
As Grace set off home and waded through the snowy village, she kept thinking of this strange terminology. She was so engrossed in her thoughts, that she lost concentration and tripped on a broken paving slab hidden beneath the snow. She fell onto the wet, cold, ground in an uncompromising position. With her coat spread out across the glistening snow, and her olive green maxi dress sprawled around her, she looked just like a huge beached whale.
Fortunately, one of her husband’s work colleagues’ drove by on his way to the afternoon shift down the mine. Laurence stopped the car and assisted Grace to her feet, ‘Please don’t mention this to Paul, I don’t want him worrying,’ pleaded Grace. However, her words must have fallen on deaf or mischievous ears, for within the hour, her husband arrived home with an anxious look on his face.
‘The whole colliery knows about your tumble, Grace. Laurence put it on the Tannoy system for me to go home as soon as possible, to look after you,’ he said whilst composing himself. ‘I felt sick with worry on hearing the message. All of my mates ushered me off the coal face with as much speed as one would expect in a colliery emergency and they send their regards. You should have seen the gaffers face, it was a sight to behold!’ He stated. ‘Not to worry,’ he said, ‘my shift was coming to an end anyway.’
Paul had rushed home still covered in black coal dust, his eyes rimmed with thick black lines, which almost looked like skilfully applied kohl eyeliner. He looked rather attractive she thought, almost exotic looking, deep, and interesting with the sooty lashes framing his soft brown eyes. ‘No time for a shower I’m afraid, not when my first child might have a rude awakening from his comfort zone and make an imminent arrival.’

Author Bio:
K.L Loveley is a former nurse, who has seen, heard, and dealt with a wide range of medical, social and family dramas. She has used her nursing experience, along with her excellent people-watching skills to create fascinating characters and intriguing scenarios within her books. She writes contemporary fiction, psychological dramas, and poetry.
Her debut novel Alice was published in February 2017, and the story tackles alcoholism head-on and presents the reader with an empathetic account of a spiraling addiction and the resulting pattern of hopelessness that many fall into.
K.L Loveley’s second novel Love, Secrets, and Absolution: An emotional and gripping psychological, family drama’ is a coming of age story with a difference. Deceit, betrayal, love, and addiction, this story is about a family falling apart in the midst of teenage angst and torn loyalties.
If you enjoy reading authors like Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain, you will enjoy K.L Loveley!
K.L Loveley lives in Nottinghamshire, England and loves socializing with friends and family. She is an avid reader and enjoys a variety of genres including psychological, thrillers and historical fiction. Her favorite authors include John le Carré, K.L Slater, Marian Keyes and Philippa Gregory.


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Book Blitz: Choosing Hope

Choosing Hope
Holly Kammier
Published by: Acorn Publishing
Publication date: October 31st 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance, Thriller

Choosing Hope is a harrowing story of passion and deceit, the things we do for love and the rabbit holes we tumble into chasing elusive fairy-tale endings. Dark around the edges with a shocking twist I didn’t see coming, this is the kind of book you’ll be passing around to your friends so you can talk about it. Holly Kammier delivers romance, suspense, and a strong, smart heroine who turns out to be nobody’s victim. Don’t miss this one! – Kat Ross, best-selling author of The Midnight Sea
A broken marriage.
A love affair.
A lie that changes it all…

Hope Rains Sullivan is living the dream—a successful husband, two beautiful young boys, and a charming home in Northern California. She should be happy. She almost convinced herself she was, until Adrian came along.
Adrian, appears to be everything her husband isn’t. He works with his hands, and is even willing to use them in a fight. He’s sexy, strong and fit, with warm brown skin that alludes to his Spanish background. Best of all, he lives for spending time with his kids. Feeling alone in her marriage, Adrian offers her a way out
Hope’s affair is just the beginning. Her journey inward will require untangling her complicated past and surviving an astonishing revelation. Her lover is not who he pretends to be.
She’s searching for her happily-ever-after, and no matter how painful the journey, she’ll find what she’s been looking for all along—the chance to choose Hope.
I held my breath for a beat and tilted my head to press my lips against his. Our mouths parted, fitting softly together at first, until he kissed me harder.
He tasted so good, my body pushed closer. Our lips knew each other. I moved on top of his lap, my legs on either side. His warmth, his crisp citrus scent. This was what kissing someone should feel like.
Hormones, pheromones, love, whatever it was, washed over me. I needed this man. I wanted to feel this way every hour of every single day.
My hand found its way up the back of his shirt. His skin ran hot. The ocean roared. I heard voices talking low, a couple walking by us.
His hand pressed into the small of my back. His other hand grabbed at the nape of my neck. He whispered, “I love you, Hope.”
I froze. He tried to kiss to me again. He couldn’t, not with my lower lip firmly entrenched in my teeth. I bit down with such force, I worried I’d draw blood. Why was he doing this to me? Why was I allowing it to happen?
His amber-green eyes looked into mine.
Tears pooled against my lashes.
“I wish you could feel what I’m feeling,” he said, “so you’d know it’s true.”

Author Bio:
Co-owner of Acorn Publishing, Holly Kammier is a UCLA honors graduate and an accomplished content editor. With a background in journalism, she has worked everywhere from CNN in Washington, D.C. and KCOP-TV in Los Angeles, to the NBC affiliate in small-town Medford, Oregon.
Holly is the best-selling author of the novel, Kingston Court, and Could Have Been Hollywood, a memoir. She recently completed her third book, Choosing Hope, a spin-off from Kingston Court. Choosing Hope is a harrowing story of passion and deceit, and the things we do for love.
Holly resides in her hometown of San Diego, California, close to family and friends. A world traveler in her younger years, these days when she isn’t writing or working with new authors, she spends much of her time hanging out with her two boys, Josh and Alex. Holly is an avid reader with a passion for timeless books and beautiful writing. She also enjoys long walks with her Jack Russell Terrier, romantic movies, and making her mischievous sons smile wider.


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Cover reveal: Inseparable

Today is the cover reveal for Inseparable by Siobhan Davis. This cover reveal is organized by Lola's Blog Tours.

By Siobhan Davis
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category: New Adult
Release Date: 9 January, 2018

A gritty, angsty, friends-to-lovers standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis.

A childhood promise. An unbreakable bond. One tragic event that shatters everything.

It all started with the boys next door…

Devin and Ayden were my best friends. We were practically joined at the hip since age two. When we were kids, we thought we were invincible, inseparable, that nothing or no one could come between us.

But we were naive.

Everything turned to crap our senior year of high school.

Devin was turning into a clone of his deadbeat lowlife father—fighting, getting wasted, and screwing his way through every girl in town. I’d been hiding a secret crush on him for years. Afraid to tell him how I felt in case I ruined everything. So, I kept quiet and slowly watched him self-destruct with a constant ache in my heart.

Where Devin was all brooding darkness, Ayden was the shining light. Our star quarterback with the bright future whom everyone loved. But something wasn’t right. He was so guarded, and he wouldn’t let me in.

When Devin publicly shamed me, Ayden took my side, and our awesome-threesome bond was severed. The split was devastating. The heartbreak inevitable.

Gradually, Ayden and I grew closer. We graduated and moved on with our lives, but the pain never lessened, and Devin was never far from our thoughts.

Until it all came to a head in college, and one eventful night changed everything.

Now, I’ve lost the two people who matter more to me than life itself. Nothing will ever be the same again.

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Inseparable Excerpt:


Present Day - Angelina

Life is just a flow of interconnecting moments in time. A combination of well-thought-out actions and spontaneous reactions. A sequence of events and people moving in and out of your personal stratosphere.
At least, that’s how I’ve always viewed it.
Like a squiggly line veering up and down with no apparent pattern. Plotting the highs; pinpointing the lows. Showcasing the happy times. Highlighting the mistakes and the resulting consequences. Calling into focus all the myriad of things I should’ve done differently if I had known.
When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the notion of time—making a beeline for the fortune tellers every year when the carnival descended on the wide, open grassy field just outside town. I saved my pocket money all year round so I could have my fortune told. The idea that you could see into the future, to know what was around the corner, held an enormous fascination for me.
I wanted to make something of my life.
To dedicate myself to a profession that helped others.
To know happiness awaited me.
To receive confirmation that the two most important people in my life would always be in it. Because even the thought I could lose Ayden or Devin always sent horrific tremors of fear rushing through me.
For as long as I can remember, it had always been the three of us. Best friends to the end. The awesome-threesome. Forever infinity. It was a friendship more akin to family. A meeting of minds and hearts and promises. A connection so deep that we swore nothing or no one would ever come between us. We committed ourselves in a secret bond when we were twelve, and the commitment was imprinted on my heart in the same way it was inked on my skin.
I could never have predicted what was to come.
That I’d be the one to destroy everything.
No fortune teller ever told me that.
For years, I’ve thought of nothing but the what-ifs, and obsessed over so many questions.
What if a fortune teller had told me what would come to pass? Would things have been different?
What would I change?
Would I have had the strength to stay away from my two best friends? To forge a completely different path in life? To deny something that was intrinsically a part of myself? Could I slice my heart apart knowing it was the right thing to do?
For years these questions have plagued me.
But I’m too afraid to confront the truth even though it’s front and center. Even though I carry it with me like a thundercloud, hovering and threatening but never opening up, never letting the storm loose.
Some truths are far too painful to acknowledge out loud.
As if to speak the words would confirm what I already know about myself.
That I’m weak, selfish, and not at all the person I thought I was.
Perhaps that’s why we don’t have that cognitive ability—to see the future, to know what lies ahead. I’ve thought of it often. If it’s evolution. If at some time in the future humans will be able to sense the path of their destiny. To alter their fate. To assume full control over every aspect of their life with conscious decision.
For now, all I’ve got is that squiggly line and a huge helping of regret.
What good comes from continually looking back? From locking myself in the haunted mansion of my past? Meandering with the ghosts of guilt and shame? For a girl who spent her happy youth so focused on the future, it’s a very sorry state of affairs. But I’m stuck in this washing machine that is my so-called life. The faster it churns, the more I lose myself. So, I try to stop time. To stand still. To numb myself to my reality. To blank out feeling and emotion. To close myself off. To never allow another human to imprint on my heart or to see into the black, murky depths of my soul.
The honest truth is, if I’d had a crystal ball—if I’d known what was going to happen—I still wouldn’t have changed a thing.
Because I would’ve missed those high points. Those happy memories that are the only thing keeping me alive right now.
If that’s what you can call my current existence.
And that makes me the most selfish, conceited liar on the planet.
Copyright © Siobhan Davis 2017

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SiobhanAbout the Author:
USA Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis writes emotionally intense young adult and new adult fiction with swoon-worthy romance, complex characters, and tons of unexpected plot twists and turns that will have you flipping the pages beyond bedtime! She is the author of the international bestselling True Calling, Saven, and Kennedy Boys series.

Siobhan’s family will tell you she’s a little bit obsessive when it comes to reading and writing, and they aren’t wrong. She can rarely be found without her trusty Kindle, a paperback book, or her laptop somewhere close at hand.

Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Siobhan forged a successful corporate career in human resource management.

She resides in the Garden County of Ireland with her husband and two sons.

You can find and contact Siobhan here:
- Website
- Blog
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Google +
- Instagram
- Goodreads
- Amazon
- Romance Newsletter

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Recension: Mitt liv

Titel: Mitt liv
Författare: Caitlyn Jenner
Översättare: Katarina Jansson
Förlag: Bokförlaget Forum
Antal sidor: 288 
Källa: Recensionsexemplar från förlaget i utbyte mot ärlig recension (tack så mycket)
Genre: Biografi
Utgiven: 2017
Finns att köpa: Adlibris|Bokus
Betyg: 3,5 av 5

Om boken:

I april 2015 uppmärksammades ett omslag av tidskriften Vanity Fair världen över. Framsidan pryddes av en lång och ståtlig kvinna i en figurkramande klänning. Caitlyn Jenner hade gjort sin debut.

Som friidrottare nådde Bruce Jenner ikonstatus när han tog OS-guld i tiokamp för herrar i Montréal, 1976. Men i slutet av 00-talet blev han för många främst känd genom realityserien "Keeping up with the Kardashians". Där har tittare världen över följt Bruce i hans äktenskap med Kris och livet med de övriga medlemmarna i "USA:s kungafamilj". Vad man länge inte fick veta var att Jenner i hela sitt liv kämpat med sin könsidentitet, något som blev känt först 2015 när Jenner berättade om sin transsexualitet och kommande könsbyte.

Tillsammans med journalisten bakom det omskrivna reportaget i Vanity Fair, Buzz Bissinger, berättar hon nu sin historia. Om sporten, kändisskapet och den tuffa tid som varit, men också om tillfredsställelsen i att äntligen hitta hem.

Kort om vad jag tyckte om boken:

Detta var en intressant bok att läsa speciellt eftersom jag gillar familjen Kardashian/Jenner men varit lite nyfiken på att veta mer om Caitlyn då det inte har varit så mycket fokus på henne.

Under bokens gång får man följa Bruces resa till att bli den vackra Caitlyn. Språket i boken är bra, inga svåra ord och något jag gillade med den var alla bilder som fanns med i den. Enda jag inte var ett större fan var allt hoppande fram och tillbaka mellan dåtid och nutid då det var hoppande mitt i ett avsnitt som handlade om kanske just nutiden men trots allt så var det intressant att läsa om.

Gillar man att läsa om personers liv, framförallt kändisars liv, om man gillar  familjen Kardashian/Jenner och om man vill läsa om hur livet kan se ut för en känd person som "helt plötsligt" börjar leva sitt liv som en annan person rekommenderar jag denna bok. 

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Recension: Flickorna på Englandsbåten

Titel: Flickorna på Englandsbåten
Serie: Nora Sands (#1)
Författare: Lone Theils
Uppläsare: Sara Edwardsson
Översättare: Margareta Järnebrand
Förlag: Norstedts
Längd: 11h 24min
Antal sidor: 332 
Källa: BookBeat
Genre: Skönlitteratur, Thriller
Utgiven: 2016
Finns att köpa: Adlibris|Bokus
Betyg: 5 av 5

Om boken:

Två danska flickor försvann spårlöst på en färja till England 1985. Många år senare dyker ett foto av dem upp i en gammal resväska i en second hand-butik i den lilla engelska kuststaden Brine.

Journalisten Nora Sand som arbetar i London för den danska tidningen Globalt börjar nysta i historien. Hon beger sig till Danmark för att undersöka flickornas brokiga bakgrund på en ungdomsinstitution. Snart dras hon in i ett fall med en ohygglig seriemördare som avtjänar ett livstidsstraff på det beryktade fängelset Wolf Hall. Samtidigt som hennes ungdomskärlek dyker upp oväntat i London gräver Nora så djupt i det gamla fallet att hon till sist får anledning att frukta för sitt liv.

Kort om vad jag tyckte om boken:

Flickorna på Englandsbåten är Lone Theils deckardebut och en riktigt bra debut är det också då boken var spännande från början till slutet.
Denna bok har jag haft som tågbok och jag har inte varit det minsta besviken under bokens gång.

Det jag gillar mest med denna bok är huvudpersonen journalisten Nora Sand då hon är en stark kvinnlig karaktär som inte ger sig i första taget utan vågar gräva fram ännu mer trots att hon riskerar sitt eget liv för sanningen. 

Boken är som jag skrev spännande från början till slutet och jag älskar hur den tilltalar en genom sin handling. Språket i boken är bra och Sara Edwardsson gör ett bra jobb med att läsa in boken med sin behagliga röst som gör att man kan lyssna på den längre än vad man kanske har bestämt sig för att göra. 

Nu ser jag framemot att få starta min nya tågbok som heter Den blå poetens kärlek och är andra fristående delen i böckerna om Nora Sands.

Gillar man deckare och vill läsa mer skandinaviska författare rekommenderar jag denna bok :)

Recension: Monster

Titel: Monster
Författare: Joakim Lundell
Förlag: Forum
Antal sidor: 188
Källa: Recensionsexemplar från förlaget i utbyte mot en ärlig recension (tack så mycket!)
Genre: Biografi
Utgiven: 2017
Finns att köpa: Adlibris|Bokus
Betyg: 4 av 5

Om boken:

Hans Youtubekanaler har sammanlagt över en miljon prenumeranter. På Instagram följs han av mer än 800 000 personer. Hans musik slår lyssningsrekord på Spotify. Joakim Lundell, tidigare känd som Jockiboi, är idag tveklöst en av Sveriges största influencers. Men vägen dit är full av smärtsamma minnen.

Under sin uppväxt placeras Joakim i fosterhem och ungdomshem och bollas mellan olika myndigheter. Han lever en tid som hemlös och hamnar i drogmissbruk och kriminalitet. Ensamheten driver honom till flera självmordsförsök. Vändningen kommer när han träffar sin fru Jonna. Med henne finner Joakim den trygghet och självkänsla han tidigare saknat.

Monster är en drabbande och hoppfull berättelse om en man som slår sig fri från en till synes nattsvart tillvaro, och blir en röst och en vän för hundratusentals människor.

Kort om vad jag tyckte om boken:

Alla har vi på ett eller annat sätt hört talas om Joakim Lundell, även tidigare känd som Jockiboi, men hur många är vi som känner till hur han har haft det under sin uppväxt. Jag ska vara ärlig med att jag aldrig har varit något större fan av Joakim Lundell och inte förstått vitsen med allt han har gjort men ändå så lockade hans bok mig (kanske på grund av att barnen på jobb pratar mycket om honom).

Monster är en intressant bok där man får följa hans resa från en liten pojke som levde i en otrygg värld till den personen han är idag. Under bokens gång kände jag som att man har fått en hyfsad förklaring till hur han har betett sig men jag har inte upplevt det alls som att han skyller allt på sin uppväxt.
För mig känns det mer som att denna bok är en form av bearbetning som många andra böcker i denna genren kan vara när man har haft en tragisk uppväxt.

Efter att ha läst boken och fått ytterligare inblick i hur han har betett sig samt när jag tänker tillbaka till hur hans blogginlägg/videoklipp kunde vara så känns det lite konstigt att barn redan från årskurs 1 har följt/följer honom. Absolut kan jag förstå att de kan tycka att hans gamla videoklipp kan ha varit roligt med tanke på vilken åldersnivå vissa av hans skämt/spratt var på men personligen känner jag att det hade varit bättre om man satt en åldersgräns. Jag kan med gott samvete säga att min 9-åriga bonusson har för mig inte fått kolla på hans Youtube just på grund av att jag tycker att han är för ung. 

Överlag gillade jag boken väldigt mycket och tyckte den helt klart var läsvärd trots alla negativa recensioner jag har hört om boken.
Jag rekommenderar boken till er, som precis som mig, älskar att läsa biografier med tragiska uppväxter.