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Review: From What I Remember

Book: From What I Remember

Author: Stacy Kramer & Valerie Thomas

Series: Standalone

Release Date: May 15, 2012

Publisher: Hyperion

Pages: 462

Source: My own

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Stars: 5/5

Genres: Young Adult Contemporary, Romance

Synopsis from Goodreads:

KYLIE: MEXICO WHAT? I should be putting the finishing touches on my valedictorian speech. Graduation is TODAY, and is this a wedding band on my finger??

MAX: It all started with Kylie's laptop and a truck full of stolen electronics. Okay, it was kind of hot, the way she broke us out like some chick in an action movie. But now we're stranded in Tijuana. With less than twenty-four hours before graduation. Awesome.

WILL: Saving Kylie Flores from herself is kind of a full-time occupation. Luckily, I, Will Bixby, was born for the job. And when I found out she was stuck in Mexico with dreamy Max Langston, sure, I agreed to bring their passports across the border -- but there's no reason to rush back home right away. This party is just getting started.

LILY: I just walked in on my boyfriend, Max Langston, canoodling with Kylie Flores, freak of the century. Still, I can't completely hold it against him. He NEEDS me. It's even clearer now. And I'm not giving him up without a fight.

My thoughts:

From What I Remember is told by 5 POVs (Kylie, Max, Will, Lily and Kylie's brother Jake) which totally works in this book since I didn't got confused.

I started reading it the 18th and was done this morning like 4.am (Swedish time) but if it wasn't for all studying I would have been done earlier since it is a really good book and it took me some time to rewind everything I have read and I was a bit sad that there wasn't more to read. 

From What I Remember is a great YA book and when I started to read it it feelt like it remind me a little bit of the movie The Hangover. 

It has everything a book in this genre needs; love, parties, problems, drama, worring, friendships and characters that is going of to college.

The book also contains self-growing characters which can be good for teens that can identify themselves with the characters and are lost since we all know a book can acctually help you as a reader to grow.

Another thing I liked in this book is Kylie's younger brother Jake that is diagnosed with Aspberger's and he is totally adorable. 

When it comes to that he has Aspberger's the authors seems to have a good knowledge about the diagnos after what I know about it. 

I absolute think this will be one of the best books I have read in 2014 and I think everyone that likes the YA genre should read it because it is that great.

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