lördag 7 september 2013

Guest post by Cindy C Bennett

Why Fairytales?

I want to thank Alexandra for allowing me
to hijack her blog today! She asked me to write about how and why I chose to
write about fairytales in Enchanted
and Rapunzel Untangled.
As a little girl I was always fascinated by fairytales. I remember a book we
had at home that was filled with a short version of all the popular fairytales,
as well as some which are not so well known, geared toward children. There was
something completely magical about the stories.

It never occurred to me to rewrite any of
them, even when I became published. Then, suddenly, it seemed fairytales were
the big thing again: in movies, on TV, and in books. And I caught the bug. I
had the idea to write the short-story versions of the fairytales that are in Enchanted Fairytales for quite some time
before I actually wrote them. But I had other obligations that had to be met
before I could give in to my desire to write them.

The publisher (Sweetwater Books) originally
asked me to write a Snow White story, but another author (Melissa Lemmon) had
already spoken to them about writing a Snow White story as a follow-up to Cinder and Ella. So they offered me to
write any story I wanted. I chose Rapunzel because for as long as I can
remember, that was one of the fairytales that fascinated me the most, second
only to Cinderella.

I studied and read all of the previous
retellings of the stories I chose to write for both Rapunzel Untangled and Enchanted
. My versions take a little bit from most of the many retellings,
as well as adding my own take on the stories. I know I shouldn’t
have a favorite, but Beautiful Beast
would probably be my favorite among them. Maybe because there was no magic
involved, simply a kind girl who loved a damaged boy who wasn’t going to magically
become handsome just because she loved him—at least, not in the eyes of the
world. She, of course, saw his innate beauty through her love for him.

I hope my readers enjoy the stories.
They’re different than what they’re used to (meaning different than the Disney
versions). But hopefully they’ll take them as what they really are—my love
letter to the fantastic stories that have changed and evolved through the
years, but at heart remain stories of love and goodness trumping hatred and
evil every time.

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  1. I love Fairytale re-tellings! Those are some of my favorites :-)