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Intervju med Rachel Caine

Satt och läste i min gamla blogg och hittade min intervju med Rachel Caine från förra året så tänkte jag skulle publicera den här:

How did you came up with the idea of write the novels in Morganville?

I have always loved vampire stories, and when I was invited to do a young adult series I really wanted to do something different, but I also loved the idea of a vampire series. I decided to focus more on the town as a character in the books, rather than just a setting ... and that started by a comment about how far apart the street lights would be (for the convenience of the vampires!).

How did you came up with the character?

Once I had the idea for Morganville, I wanted to have a main character who was strong, but shy ... someone who was like I was when I was that age. Someone who wouldn't give up. Those were the characteristics I started with for Claire, and because I liked physics in school, I gave her that as well!

Which author do you get your inspiration from?

So many author! I can't even begin to name them all, but I greatly admire Shirley Jackson, Stephen King, James M. Cain ... In more current fantasy and YA circles, I love the work of Charlaine Harris, Jim Butcher, Mira Grant, Jackie Kessler, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Ann Aguirre ... again, too many to name. But I think I have a very special fondness for science fiction author Roger Zelazny.

How many novels are there in Morganville and will they all be translate into Swedish?

There are fifteen books planned for the series -- I would love for them to all be translated, but I can't make that happen on my own. The publisher will gladly continue with them if the sales are good, I think.

What kind of music did you listened to when you wrote the novels in Morganville?

I collect music, and I tend to choose new songs for every book I do, which helps keep me fresh and interested and inspired. So it's really a wide variety, from classical to classic rock, new age to alternative.

At what age do you think is appropiate to read your novels?

I would say 14 years and up.

How long did it took for you to write Glass House?

It took me about 6 months, but that was not my first book; I had already written about 15 prior to that point, so I had some experience!

Who or whom are your favourite authors?

I think it really depends on the day, but there are a few authors on my "must buy" list - Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Jim Butcher, Mira Grant, Ann Aguirre, Charlaine Harris, Darynda Jones, Holly Black, Tamora Pierce, Kevin Hearne ...

Which one of your books are your favourite?

I think probably Feast of Fools ... it came out the closest of all of them to what was actually inside my head!

What is the name of your favourite book in all time?

The Scarlet Pimpernel, by Baroness Orczy

Where do you like to sit and work on your books? (Do you have a favourite place?)

I have a lovely office at home, but sometimes I also like to work at Starbucks, the closest coffee shop.

And finally will you come to Sweden soon?

I'd love to! I wish I could do it this year (in 2012) but I'm doing so much already ... hopefully next year!

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