En smakebit på söndag - 19 april

Nu var det ett tag sedan jag deltog i en smakebit på söndag
så jag kände att det var dags att delta igen.

Betrayed, exploited and forgotten. How one boy overcame the odds.
A powerful and shocking memoir of a young boy whose good behaviour and excellent manners hid a terrible past.
Tayo arrived with only the clothes on his back. Calm, polite, and very well spoken, Tayo was nothing like the children I normally fostered. Surprisingly, the social worker had no records for Tayo: no school files, family history, or medical records. It was as if Tayo didn’t exist. Tayo wouldn’t answer any of my questions about his past. Only when I saw a scar on his arm did he begin to tell me his dreadful story. It was unbelievable, but I had never met a child before (or since) with such loyalty, strength, and inner resolve. 

Min smakbit:

Tayo,' I said firmly; listen to me.
You will never ever be hungry with me, I promise you that.
You will always have regular meals. I've looked after other children
who hadn't been fed and I know the feeling you're talking about.
Those children felt the same thing.
Did they? he sai. I thought I was the only one.
No, love, unfortunately not. It's more common than people think.

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  1. Det verkar som detta kan vara en riktigt gripande bok. Dock är jag inte säker på att jag skulle klara av att läsa den :) Trevlig kväll!

  2. Uff, stakkars ungen! Det er forferdelig hvordan så mange barn er vant til et slikt liv som Tayo hadde. Altfor mange mennesker som aldri burde fått barn :/


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