söndag 26 april 2015

En smakebit på søndag - 26 april

Idag är det söndag och dags för ytterligare en smakbit 
från en bok av Cathy Glass då jag har bestämt mig för att
läsa alla hennes böcker.

Om boken:

A True Story 
When I first heard about Aimee I was horrified. The referral from the social services stated that Aimee kicked, bit her mother and pulled her mother's hair, and worst of all, Aimee had strangled some little kittens. The social worker was looking for a very experienced foster carer with no young children to take care of Aimee and I was asked. I had serious doubts, but I agreed to look after her.
Aimee arrived late one evening with nothing but what she stood up in - rags and plastic trainers with the toes out. She was dirty; her head was crawling with lice, and she had a very bad attitude. But there was something about her that I warmed to, something I felt I could work with, and when she snuggled into her bed that first night she was so grateful I nearly cried.
With firm boundaries, routine, care and attention Aimee began to make progress and trust me enough to confide. But the more she told me about her life before coming into care the angrier I became. It was clear that Aimee should have been removed from home much sooner, and I couldn't understand why she had been left to suffer. It seemed that Aimee had been forgotten.

Min smakbit:

I'll be pleased to get rid of this case. The mother is impossible to work with.
You're leaving then? I asked, surprised.
No, but once Aimee is in care, the case will go from the children in need team to the children in care team. Which, although I knew to be current practice, would mean another change of social worker. It used to be that the social worker who had worked with the family  stayed as the child's social worker after the child was brought into care, but that changed some years ago with restructuring, resulting in further discontinuity. 
With my thoughts even darker now after hearing more about Aimee's neglect and her parents' drug-fuelled background, Kristen and I said foodbye and I replaced the handset.

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  1. Det låter sorgligt, men tyvärr är det nog en berättelse mycket nära sanningen.

  2. Låter smärtsamt verklighetsnära och gör mig nyfiken på mer!
    Tack för smakbiten!

  3. Det hørtes ut som en veldig sterk bok. Jeg har lest om en amerikansk gutt som ble utrolig mishandlet av sine foreldre og det var grusomt å lese.
    Ønsker deg en fin søndagskveld!

  4. Tror det finns en del förändringar man skulle behöva göra i "systemet". Hoppas att det gick bra för lillflickan.

  5. Usch jobbiga böcker, brukar gå åt många näsdukar.

  6. Tyvärr verkar ju detta vara något som händer alltför ofta. Tack för smakbiten!

  7. Verkar vara en intressant bok. Tack för smakebiten.