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Censorship history: Harry Potter

The first legal challenge to a ban on Potter books came in July 2002, 

when a student and her parents sued the Cedarville, Arkansas, school board.

It had restricted access to the books in school libraries by placing them in a 

section that was off limits to students unless they had their parent's permission,

overruling a unanimous decision by the district's library committee to

allow unrestricted access.The board acted in response to a parent's complaint

that the books show "that there are 'good witches' and 'good magic' and that

they teach 'parents/teachers/rules are stupid and something to be ignored.'"

The complaining parent said in court depositions that she became concerned

about children's exposure to Harry Potter after hearing anti-Potter sermons

by the pastor of the Uniontown Assembly of God church, who was also a 

member of the Cedarville school board.

In an interview with the Baltimore Sun in 2000, Rowling commented on 

the attempts to keep Harry Potter out of the hands of schoolchildren: "I think

it's shortsighted in the sense that is very hard to portray goodness without

showing what the reverse is and showing how brave it is to resist that. You

find magic, witchcraft, and wizardy in all sorts of classic children's books.

Where do you stop? Are you going to stop at The Wizard of Oz? Are you

going to stop at C.S. Lewis? The talking animals in Wind in the Willows?"

During 2001-03, the Potter books were publicily burned or shredded

by fundamentalist church groups in the United States in Butler County,

Pennsylvania; Lewiston, Maine; Alamogordo, New Mexico; and Greenville, 

Michigan. Harry Potter books have also been banished from some Christian

religious schools in the United States, as well as in Australia, Britain, and


Although a few U.S. Catholic schools banned the books, the Vatican

informally approved them. 

(Källa: 120 Banned books - Censorship Histories of World Literature)

Alltså kan man säga att Harry Potter blev förbjudet på grund av

all magi och enligt religiösa grunder så hör inte det hemma här 

för att göra det hela svaret kort.

Vad anser ni om det ni har läst här då?

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